Nigen N-928

Fingerprint Time Management System



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User Capacity : 3000 
Transaction Storage : 60,000 Transaction 
Resolution : 500dpi 
Active Acan Area : 16 x 16mm 
Verification Mode : 1:1 OR 1:N 
Access : Fingerprint, Password Proximity Card  
Backup Battery (Optional) : Approx. 3~4hours 
Identification Speed : <1sec 
FAR : <0.0001% 
FRR : <0.01% 
Communication : TCP/IP, USB Host 
Power Consumption : <5W 
Operation Temperature : 0°C~60°C 
Operation Humidity : 20%~60% 
Size : 190(L) x 140(W) x 45(D)mm 


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