With automatic oil injection system for a consistently high shred performance


  • Feed opening 400mm
  • Patented safety flap
  • Lifetime warranty on cutting shafts 
  • Made in Germany
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Product Characteristics

”SPS“- (Safety Protection System) package: electronically controlled, transparent safety flap in the feed opening as additional safety element; EASY_SWITCH – intelligent control element indicating the operational status of the shredder with varying colour codes and back-lit symbols; automatic reverse and power cut-off (avoids paper jams); automatic stop if the shred bin is full; electronic door protection via a magnetic proximity switch; double motor protection; energy saving mode photo cell controlled automatic start and stop | ECC - Electronic Capacity Control – indication of the used sheet capacity during shredding process | automatic oil injection on the cutting shafts during shredding operation for constantly high shred performance | convenient 405 mm feed opening | high quality paper clip proof cutting shafts from special hardened steel (4005-MC 0.8 x 12 mm and 4005 SMC 0,8 x 5 mm: Paper clips and staples have to be removed before shredding.) | models IDEAL 4005 and IDEAL 4005 CC suitable for safe shredding of CDs/DVDs | 30 years guarantee on the cutting shafts (4005 MC 0.8 x 12 mm and 4005 SMC 0,8 x 5 mm: Guarantee 1 year.) | quiet but powerful 1600 Watt single phase motor for continuous operation | sturdy chain drive and dust-proof gear box housing | high-quality wooden cabinet, mobile on castors | practical shred bin made of impact-resistant plastic | approx. 165 litres volume for the shreds

Technical Specifications

  • Volume 210 litres (cabinet)
  • 165 litres (shred bin)
  • Power 230 V / 50 Hz**
  • Motor capacity 1600 Watt single phase motor
  • Dimensions 1010 x 640 x 590 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight 115 kg

Shred sizes available

  • Level P-2 6 mm strip cut
  • Sheet capacity*: 50-55 I 42-47
  • Level P-4 4 x 40 mm particle cut
  • Sheet capacity*: 40-45 I 34-39
  • Level P-5 2 x 15 mm particle cut
  • Sheet capacity*: 25-30 I 21-26
  • Level P-6 0.8 x 12 mm micro cut
  • Sheet capacity*: 15-17 I 13-15
  • Level P-7 0.8 x 5 mm super micro cut
  • Sheet capacity*: 10-11 I 8-9

* A4 paper 70 g/m2 I 80 g/m2

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