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Neopost IS-280 iMeter Postage Meter- Instant stamps, exact rates and professional Image The small all-rounder franking machine for the modern office The Neopost IS -280 is the perfect franking machine for up and it integrated scale weighs up to 2 kg


  • Volume 210 litres (cabinet)
  • High quality digital printing
  • The integrated scale weighs up to 2 kg
  • PIN-protected access
  • Up to 10 printed advertising
  • Processing speed - 20 letters per minute
  • weigh platform - 2 kg in 1g increments
  • Max envelope thickness - 8 mm
  • Job imprint memories - up to 5

Main Features

  • Level P-2 6 mm strip cut
  • Weigh platform: 2 kg in 1g increments
  • Max envelope thickness: 8 mm
  • Job imprint memories: up to 5
  • Connectivity: LAN or analogue modem

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